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price of fish feed in nigeria 2020

Most casual stock market investors do not pay serious attention to the current prices of various commodities such as oil and basic foodstuffs for example. Please I need suppliers for grains and tomato from the north. Please reach me. More and more people keep plugging in every day. 2020 Fish, facts, feed & future 06. 2020 Feeding fry for faster growth and lower mortality 02. Thanks, Nice work! Contact 07035244609. 1.1-1. Twitter. At the now basket of tomato is N3k while pepper is 2k (rodo). Related Posts. Hello Mr idowu, good evening sir. May 22, 2018. However, these current prices of food commodities in Nigeria can have a major effect on the value of the main stock and the overall market. It is always essential to confirm the prices of these commodities before buying as prices continue to change as the forces of demand and supply continue to interplay. Noting and following up on these prices help you keep a tab on the market, either s an investor or a regular buyer. Ur location and contact am at aba how can i get it. but there are no prices for livestock (meat and fish), The prices are very fair in the northern part of the country. Say over the course of 2 years? Nigeria produces significant amounts of maize, registering 10.4 million tonnes in 2017. I will be greatful. Medium size: N850 – 900. In this post, we will take a look at the prices of some basic commodities in Nigeria. Thanks. Website & Marketing Automation done by WAB Digital. Current Prices of Commodities in Nigeria (December 2020), Prices of Food Commodities in Nigerian Markets, Prices of Tomatoes in the Nigerian Market, Prices of Cassava Products in the Nigerian Market, Prices of Spaghetti in the Nigerian Market, Prices of Beverages in the Nigerian Market, M&M Chocolate Price in Nigeria (December 2020), Cold Stone Ice Cream Price List in Nigeria (December 2020), Current Prices of Palm Oil in Nigeria Today (December 2020), Shoprite Nigeria Price List (December 2020), Prices of Rice in Nigeria per Bag (10th December 2020), Prices of Coconut Oil in Nigeria (December 2020), Domino’s Pizza Menu & Price List in Nigeria (December 2020), White Beans (100kg) @ Ninth Mile Market, Enugu State == N25,000, White Beans (Paint Bucket) @ Ninth Mile Market, Enugu State == N1,450, Drum Beans (100kg) @ Gboko Market, Benue State == N25,000, Drum Beans (1 mudu) @ Gboko Market, Benue State == N1,000, Drum Beans (100kg) @ Mile 12 Market, Lagos State == N18,000, Drum Beans (Paint Bucket) @ Mile 12 Market, Lagos State == N800, Drum Beans (100kg) @ Ughelli Main Market, Delta State == N27,000, Drum Beans (Paint Bucket) @ Ughelli Main Market, Delta State == N1,350, Drum Beans (Paint Bucket) @ Umuahia Main Market, Abia State == N1,200, Groundnut (50kg) @ Maitagari Market, Jigawa State == N8,300, Groundnut (1 Tier) @ Maitagari Market, Jigawa State == N300, Groundnut (100kg) @ Anchau Market, Kaduna State == N27,000, Groundnut (1 tier) @ Anchau Market, Kaduna State == N790, Groundnut (100kg) @ Gboko Main Market, Benue == N48,000, Groundnut (1 mudu) @ Gboko Main Market, Benue == N700, Groundnut (50kg) @ Mile 12, Lagos State == N29,000, Groundnut (1 paint bucket) @ Mile 12 == N1,600, Groundnut (100kg) @ Ninth Mile Market, Enugu State == N36,000, Groundnut (1 Paint Bucket) @ Ninth Mile Market == N1,800, Groundnut (100kg) @ Ughelli Main Market, Delta State == N34,000, Groundnut (1 paint bucket) @ Ughelli Main Market == N1,300, Groundnut (100kg) @ Umuahia Main Market, Abia State == N30,000, Maize (100kg) @ Maitagari Market, Jigawa State == N9,000, Maize (1 Tier) @ Maitagari Market, Jigawa State == N270, Maize (100kg) @ Anchau Market, Kaduna State == N9,500, Maize (1 tier) @ Anchau Market, Kaduna State == N250, Maize (100kg) @ Gboko Main Market, Benue == N14,000, Maize (1 mudu) @ Gboko Main Market, Benue == N400, Maize (50kg) @ Mile 12, Lagos State == N13,500, Maize (100kg) @ Ninth Mile Market, Enugu State == N24,000, Maize (1 Paint Bucket) @ Ninth Mile Market == N1,200, Maize (100kg) @ Ughelli Main Market, Delta State == N15,000, Maize (1 paint bucket) @ Ughelli Main Market == N600, Maize (1 paint bucket) @ Umuahia Main Market == N600, Palm Oil (25L) @ Anchau Market, Kaduna State == N10,000, Palm Oil (1 Bottle) @ Anchau Market == N240, Palm Oil (25L) @ Ninth Mile Market, Enugu State == N11,500, Palm Oil (1 Bottle) @ Ninth Mile Market == N580, Palm Oil (25L) @ Gboko Market, Benue State == N8,000, Palm Oil (1 Bottle) @ Benue Market == N250, Palm Oil (25L) @ Mile 12 Market, Lagos State == N13,000, Palm Oil (25L) @ Ughelli Main Market, Delta State == N7,000, Palm Oil (1 Bottle) @ Ughelli Main Market == N300, Palm Oil (25L) @ Umuahia Main Market, Abia State == N5,500, Palm Oil (1 Bottle) @ Umuahia Main Market == N250, Rice (50kg) @ Anchau Market, Kaduna == N24,000 (local), Rice (50kg) @ Gboko Main Market, Benue == N17,500 (local), Rice (50kg) @ Mile 12 Market, Lagos == N28,000 (imported), Rice (50kg) @ Ninth Mile Market, Enugu == N28,000 (local), Rice (50kg) @ Ughelli Main Market == N30,000 (local), Rice (50kg) @ Umuahia Main Market, Abia == N21,000 (local), Tomatoes (40kg) @ Anchau Market, Kaduna == N5,000, Tomatoes (40kg) @ Umuahia Main Market, Abia == N18,000, Tomatoes (40kg) @ Ughelli Main Market, Delta == N17,000, Tomatoes (40kg) @ Gboko Main Market, Benue == N15,000, Soya Beans (100kg) @ Maitagari Market, Jigawa == N14,500, Soya Beans (100kg) @ Gboko Main Market, Benue == N14,000, Soya Beans (100kg) @ Anchau Market, Kaduna == N14,000, Soya Beans (100kg) @ Ninth Mile Market, Enugu == N24,500, Soya Beans (100kg) @ Mile 12 Market, Lagos == N27,000, Onions (100kg) @ Bodija Market, Ibadan == N25,000, Onions (100kg) @ Dawanau Market, Kano == N10,000, Onions (100kg) @ Gboko Market, Benue == N27,000, Onions (100kg) @ Gombe Main Market == N12,000, Onions (100kg) @ Igbudu Market, Delta == N21,000, Onions (100kg) @ Mile 12 Market, Lagos == N25,000, Onions (100kg) @ Nkwo Nnewi Market, Enugu == N15,000, Onions (100kg) @ Umuahia Main Market, Abia == N29,000, Sorghum (100kg) @ Maitagari Market, Jigawa == N9,000, Sorghum (100kg) @ Gboko Main Market, Benue == N8,500, Sorghum (100kg) @ Anchau Market, Kaduna == N8,500, Sorghum (50kg) @ Ninth Mile Market, Enugu == N23,000, Sorghum (50kg) @ Mile 12 Market, Lagos == N17,000, Sorghum (100kg) @ Ughelli Main Market, Delta == N23,000, Sorghum (100kg) @ Umuahia Main Market, Abia == N23,000, A bag of Yam Flour (Elubo): N63, 000- N69, 000, A bag of Ijebu Gaari (80 kg): N10, 000 – N16, 000, A bag of White Gaari (50 kg): N6, 000 – N12, 000, A bag of Yellow Gaari (50 kg): N6, 000 – N8, 500, Indomie Chicken (70g x 40ps) – N1, 900 – N2, 200, Indomie Onion (70g x 40ps) – N2, 100 – N2, 300, Indomie Superpack (120g x 40ps) – N3, 300- N3, 500, Indomie Hungry Man (200g x 24ps) – N4, 300- N4, 500, Indomie Belleful (305g x 16ps) – N4, 300- N4, 500, Chiki Noodles (100g x 40ps) – N3, 000- N3, 200, Golden Penny Noodles (70g x 40ps) – N2, 100 – N2, 300, Irish Potato (Big Basket) – N1, 900 – N2, 200, Irish Potato (Medium Basket) – N1, 100 – N1, 300, Irish Potato (Small Basket) – N500 – N700, Spaghetti (Golden Penny 500g) – N200 – N250, Powdered Peak Milk (Tin 400g) – N1, 150- N1, 300, Powdered Peak Milk (Tin 900g) – N1, 850- N2, 200, Powdered Peak Milk (Refill 500g) – N950- N1, 200, Powdered Three Crown Milk (Refill 380g) – N800- N1, 000, Powdered Loya Milk (Tin 400g) – N800 – N1, 000, Powdered Loya Milk (Refill 400g) – N750- N900, Milk Dano Powdered (Tin) 500g – N900 – N1, 000, Milk Dano Powdered (Tin) 900g – N1, 650- N1, 700, Cocoa Beverages Milo (Tin) 500g – N1, 000- N1, 200, Cocoa Beverages Milo (Tin) 900g – N1, 900 – N2, 000, Cocoa Beverages Milo Refill 500g – N950 – N1, 000, Cocoa Beverages Bournvita Refill 500g – N850 – N950, Cocoa Beverages Bournvita (Plastic) 500g – N950 – N1, 000, Cocoa Beverages Bournvita (Plastic) 900g – N1, 600-N1, 800, Cocoa Beverages Ovaltine (Refill) 500g 850- N950, Cocoa Beverages Ovaltine (Plastic) 500g – N900- N100, Coffee Nescafe Gold Blend – N1, 600 – N1, 800. Feed crops in Nigeria Maize and soya meal. 10. This post will intimate you with the current fish feed price in Nigeria. I’m also into the same business. Country of manufacture is China. 2020 25 years of fish feed 03. I can supply tomatoes and maize from the north. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the post….But re:maize, what is the measure for “wholesale”? I reside in Kaduna state. How is it that the tomatoes price in Kano is double that of Lagos. Nice work! DATE MODE PRICE CATEGORY PRICE; 02/12/2020: Fish Price: Big: ₦850.00: 02/12/2020: Fish Price: Small: ₦800.00: 02/12/2020: Fish Price: Smallest: ₦750.00: 02/12/2020 Hammer Mill (1ton/hour) for animal feed processing and other food processing machines are also available for sale in FarmsEquipment Nigeria. Prices of commodities in Nigeria vary heavily with the location. I have bags of fine Gari to sell. Required fields are marked *. 2020 ALLER FLOW 18. By the way, as the fish feed machine expert, we can customize the production capacities according to customers’ requirements. Crude Protein (CP) = 43. The profitability of your fish farm business is based on the fish feed. Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) = 1.1 – 1.2. Ojolowo Farms Limited is an organization with the objective of reducing the stress faced by farmers in the process of feed and other farm related products and processes. I will really appreciate if they come from the locations known for the best quality and at favourable price. Fish Meal (72 percent): N1,000 – N1,100. The fish supply gap deficit was over 1 million MTs. The list above indicates the prices of the commodities stated as at the period of this article. Buy the best fish feed in Nigeria at Dickem Farms. Hi, Do you have these prices historically? WhatsApp. Please I need buyers of palm oil from anywhere in Nigeria, Please the price of yellow corn and how much will it take to get to Abraham adesanya, ajah, Hello, please can I get the current price of the following ; melon seeds,honey,ginger ,garlic, Ijebu garri and Igbo garri, wheat,plantain,good yam,beans,locust beans ,good and tasty stock fish,red oil. April 8, 2019. November 21, 2020. I’m in Uyo, I need palm oil buyers from Lagos and Benue state. This can be seen from the salary structure of the federal and state government where the minimum wage is 30,000 Naira per month. However, actual production was 800,000 MTs as shown in Fig. Domino’s Pizza Menu & Price List in Nigeria (December 2020) It aids the production of high-quality cat fish. It reduces pond water contamination by excess left over feed as the consumption of catfish feed by the catfish can easily be monitored by the farmer. Please I need contact that can supply tomatoes and yam from mile 12,lagos, Please,I need contact of maize suppliers from Benue,that can supply between 1-5 tonnes of maize. We can supply to anywhere in Nigeria within 48 hours. Dickem Cat fish floating feed has the ability to float on water for over 12 hours. What are the best fish feeds in Nigeria and the types available? How the price of fish feed in Nigeria crashed ... in Nigeria knows better than most that aqua farming is a science and an industry born of necessity. With nutritional fish feed formulation and production process, Nigeria fish farmers can use appropriate fish feed machine to produce feed pellets. Looking for where to buy fish feed in Lagos for producing high-quality catfish? Buy the best fish feed in Nigeria at Dickem Farms. (2020) – Food is a basic human need as we all know and different cultures and countries have various food that they eat which might not be known or popular among others. It is available in 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 6mm and 9mm sizes. ... Public Holidays in Nigeria 2020 and Significance. Please can you help out? “Demand for feed will help prices recover, but not enough to offset the decline in 2019. Quite strange. Fish feed in this business takes up over 70 percent on a well-planned catfish fish farm. Considering that the population growth rate of Nigeria is 3 %, the fish supply gap deficit is expected to continuously increase. Pinterest. Fish Feed is the special food that we feed to fish to make them grow well and fast. Eunice Akponimisingha, a housewife, says she earns more than N200,000 every month from catfish farming, while staying at home to operate the business. It helps the farmer monitor the consumption of the feed by the catfish to prevent over feeding or under feeding. Your email address will not be published. 06. Mcyemite, I can help you with less fish feed at ilese ijebu ode Ogun state. Thanks so much for this great information. We may analyse fish feed prices, but we will also explore which fish feed is the best to use for fish rearing. Nigeria is currently experiencing an uptick in fish feed production. This is due to a collaborative effort between private companies like Triton and research organizations like the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography (NIOMR), according to the West and Central Africa Council for Agricultural Research and Development (CORAF).CORAF is Africa’s largest sub-regional research organization. 10. The costs of broiler feed in Nigeria have already been listed above. We update the prices on a regular basis in line with the changes made by the hatcheries. I’m in ibadan, Yes i Can pls email me @ to discuss the biz. Product feature: Dickem Cat fish floating feed has the ability to float on water for over 12 hours. 2020 Do you have the no. ... Amisy Fish Feed Machinery 2020-11-27T09:48:13+00:00 Fish Farming News | Share This Article. Count on me to supply you your need tubers of yam. Price per bag is #37,000 Quantity in a bag : 50kg Contact me on 08095291619, 08079203789 or 07035429168. I own a big Catfish farm myself at KM 5,.. so my floating and sinking pellets are properly prepared with a 48%(CP) percent crude protein good and well balance fish feed formulation. Pls do u know the price of egusi in mudu?? How much do you sell bag of each. I use well planned because some fish farms in Nigeria spend much more on their production expense. Hybrid Feed Broiler Super Starter Mash: N3,000 – N4,000; Hybrid Feed Broiler Finisher Mash: N3,500 – N4,000; Vital Feed Super Starter for Broilers: N3,500 – … Rice however is an exception, botanically known as Oryza sativa, it is a food that is quite well known and enjoyed by a lot of persons across the world. Dickem Farms is the largest fish farm in Nigeria that deals mainly in the production of aquaculture products such as fish feed, machines for fish feed production, fish meal, herbal fish supplements, collapsible mobile fish ponds and water purifiers. She has helped produce cost-effective fish feeds for Nigerian fish farmers. Price of Fish Feed In Nigeria – Photo Source: Good morning NP editor, pls can I have your contacts let’s discuss. Local Fish Meal: N400 – N600. WhatsApp on 08095291619 How many tons can you supply in a short notice? Get in touch with me sir. Feeding in Nigeria is not easy; the National Bureau of Statistics stated that an average Nigerian leaves below a dollar per day. For instance, general commodities are more expensive in big cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja. The natural fish feed grows naturally in the fish pond and also in the stream from natural fertility of the soil and the water, also applying fertilizer in the fish pond is considered as natural feed of fish. Here are the current prices of these Day-old chicks; Broilers, Noilers, Pullets, Turkey, point of lay, and other breeds of chicken as at December 3, 2020 from different hatcheries in Nigeria. Looking for where to buy fish feed in Lagos for producing high-quality catfish? For your convenience, here is the exclusive price list again. Price Of Rice In Nigeria – How Much Is A Bag? Please can you get me the price of sorghum? I am so happy seeing the price of sorghum here as requested , God Bless You sir, Please can you link me with a seller of sorghum from Benue, Jigawa, or Kaduna. February 3, 2020 West Africa Agribusiness Show Livestockfeedsplc partners and supports as Nigeria plays host to the maiden edition of the West Africa Agribusiness Show from 18th to 20th February, 2020 with a […] How is 25 liters keg with transport to makurdi. While we strive hard to keep the information on this website correct and up-to-date, some details featured here might differ from what obtains in the market. Sir do you mean supplier or retailer? The Nigeria Agriculture Minister has said, “In 2013, a total of 3.6 million juveniles, 36,000 bags of 15 kilograms of feed and 200 water testing kits were provided to fishermen in ten states, at a total cost of N1.5 billion Naira.” Nigeria imports 90 percent of fish sold, giving little room for local fish farmers to develop successful businesses. It urgent, Please do you have any one from mile 12 that can supply tomatoes, yam and onions within Lagos. 02. Facebook. Contact _081———– 03. Catfish farming is here to stay in Nigeria. I will be describing these two types of fish feed below: Natural Fish Feed. 04. 0. 2020 Coronavirus 07. CATFISH FEED INGREDIENT COST IN NIGERIA (price per kg) Fish Concentrate: N1,350. Good work! Hi. Pls state in Kg of bag. Please I’m in Umuahia and I’m in need of palm oil to buy in large quantity. Compare the Cost of Living in Lagos with any other city in the world. By Sherif June 20, 2020 Nigeria 0 Comments. Government Efforts for Boosting Fish Production. Whilst this could be stretched to cover the needs of the animal industry, a substantial amount is exported to Niger Republic and other … Vital Fish feed … Aids in proper digestion and conversion to flesh. Nigeria’s demand for fish in 2010 was projected at 1.89 million MTs in Table 1.4-13. The result of analysis is attached from animal Care. As the impact of ASF continues to be felt in 2020 in China, demand for feed grains will be lower than in 2018, but slightly higher than in 2019, they said. 07. M&M Chocolate Price in Nigeria (December 2020) Cocoa Prices in Nigeria (December 2020) Prices of Rice in Nigeria per Bag (8th December 2020) Shoprite Nigeria Price List (December 2020) Tweet WhatsApp. 09. 2020 Aquaculture cooperation improves fish performance and health 13. Have a nice weekend. for any tomato seller that can supply within Lagos from Ketu mile 12? Often, farmers sell their fish at around $500 per kilogram, but it may take seven months to grow and cultivate one kilogram of fish, leaving them with a very small profit for a lot of labor.

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